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Annecy the beautiful town that overlooks snow-capped mountains.......

Bonjour..... This adventure takes me to Annecy tucked away in Southeastern France, I am going to be staying here for three nights and being the star I am of course I am staying in a palace, this trip takes me to stay in the Dog Friendly Palace De Menthon that is directly on the shores of Lake Annecy, this grand hotel, is pure luxury and I am allowed in all areas, they charge for me to stay per night, 20 euros, really? Shouldn’t they be paying me to stay in their hotel don’t they know who I am?

I start my adventure by exploring the hotel grounds, is this real as it looks like I’ve been photo shopped onto a magical background, as this beauty is something else! But no honestly it’s real this beautiful place, from our hotel room where I can look out at the view, though I wasn’t too sure of the balcony areas of our room but the humans sure liked them a lot!

This hotel as the most beautiful walks that every morning before breakfast I got to walk and of course, lift my leg everywhere, the breakfast room over looks even more amazing views, and as usual the humans are very excited yes it’s pretty but I’m happy with my tennis ball and my belly rubs, but I was quite happy for breakfast I enjoyed scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and honey pancakes!

If you love walking, riding a bike or simply exploring this place is the place to visit, we spend our time exploring

the old town dubbed the “Venice of the Alps” with winding cobbled streets with beautiful pastel coloured houses, our first stop was more romance for my humans The Pont des Amours (the lovers bridge) legend is that if two lovers kiss on the bridge they will stay together forever! Oh no more kissing! But I do love my humans and I loved this pretty bridge too I certainly did attract a lot of attention. I travelled in March so needed my ginger ted coat to keep me snug,

After the bridge loving you can head to the gardens of Europe where you can ran around crazy and get some zombies in, very pretty but I don’t care I’m just interested in playing.

There’s so much to do and see, if your tired after your playing get your humans to relax with some delicious coffee and Crepes, served with Nutella what more could they want, pretty views, and delicious crepes, you really need to rest during these stops have a power nap as exploring Europe is tiring, and if your humans are like mine they walk a lot! While we was relaxing there was a street entertainer with blowing what looked like big balls but no something called bubbles!

Next stop is Palais de l’lle is now a local history museum built in the 12th century once was a prison, a mint, courthouse and lords residence, one of France’s most Photographed location well it was until I arrived.

As well as walking my advice is to just sit and watch this pure beauty by the lake, this pristine Lac d’ Annecy is one of the largest lakes in Europe and is crystal blue and is known as the cleanest lake in Europe and pretty good for drinking, my human always carries my dish so of course I had to try, not sure she should be getting my water like this she could have fell in, but I’d save her!

Where to eat with so many beautiful restaurants all dog friendly, and very welcoming to me.

As you stroll through Annecy you will soon see this is a food lovers paradise with the narrow cobbled streets packed with cheese (my favourite) bakeries, ice cream stands (my favourite) charcuterie, and even chocolate shops, french specials in this region are a must and you really shouldn’t miss out on the cheese specials, Raclette, fondue, Tartiflette, so much cheese in one dish I’m definitely in cheese heaven and it’s so good!

Annecy in its true beauty attracted me and made my humans very relaxed and very happy,

It is very hard to pick a favourite hotspot of this trip as the whole place is magical.....

If you are driving from Calais after the Eurotunnel then this trip will take you 7 hour and 6 minute don’t forget the service stations in France are dog friendly.

If you are looking for crystal blue waters, snow on the mountains then this enchanting town is the place for you.

Au revoir

Love Benji xxxxx

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