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Rothenburg-a fairytale village

How can I even start to describe this fairytale village, as the humans drive through the arch way of one of the towns gateways onto narrow cobbled streets where there is snow on the ground, this postcard worthy village, looks very magical and I am very excited to explore, during my stay here I am Prince Benji well I have just arrived into a fairytale.

We arrive at our hotel a historic four star hotel located in the heart of Rothenburg our hotel is called is

Hotel Reichs-Kuchenmeister, this hotel from the moment we enter is an experience with the knights helmets, next to cooking utensils, symbols of the esteemed trade of the true history of this building, we are welcomed with the staff in traditional costume, we check in with the best welcome we certainly feel like part of the family, the dining experiences of this hotel is definitely a must, from room service to the delicious locally sourced food to the breakfast which showcases marmalade produced at the hotel, the humans certainly loved the food and of course I was the star attraction!

If your looking for a traditional Bavaria hotel this is definitely a recommendation and dog friendly in all areas.

This Medieval fairytale village is the most exciting place, we visited in March so even though it was busy it wasn’t too crowded, you can get lost in the beauty of this village, I was happy rolling in snow, and sniffing everywhere, the cobbled streets are so clean you can easily roll around without risk of a bath.

This village is on the romantic road of Germany I’m not sure I can cope with my humans getting anymore romantic then they already do, as really the only loving should be kisses for me! Not them holding hands looking all misty eyed at each other which they certainly did it more here, was it the beauty of this true fairytale making them like this?

A fairytale, a Christmas museum in March that I was allowed to visit this museum was filled with the history of German traditions of Christmas with everything from decorations to cards, to gifts I just wandered would Santa appear with a tennis ball for me!

This break certainly made us all very blissfully happy!

So much to see and during our time we wanted to ensure we seen it all the town wall is a very scenic walk where you get to see the rooftops, and is definitely a must if you aren’t scared of walking higher then usual! But remember your humans can carry you well if you don’t like the height well if your little like me!

Marktplatz this square is home to the town hall and definitely a great place to enjoy some local food or just rest those little paws, make sure your humans bring you here in the night as well as very pretty with the old fashioned street lights. The buildings are all pastel colours with so many traditional gift shops and shops selling the traditional Schneeball! I got a little excited thinking it was a ball for me but no the humans started eating it!

Burggarten this was one of my favourite places to explore so much running around for me and the most prettiest views over the wonderful Tauber Valley..

The Plonlein is the yellow house that is shown throughout any travel pictures for this area however when we travelled it was covered slightly so we have borrowed a picture for you to see the full magic of this building.

As I travelled in March we was approaching Easter celebrations and within all the streets and shops the most wonderful Easter displays were available to see,

I am welcomed in all the shops and attract much attention, the beautiful hand painted displays.

As well as all the adventures of this fairytale village if you are travelling with children keep an eye out for the ‘child catcher’ yes this amazing village was used in the 1968 filming of the one and only magical car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, scenes with the child catcher were filmed here, and you can even see the child catcher carriage used in the film, just make sure you don’t end up inside! But us pups should be safe!

You can also visit the bridge that Chitty hides under in the film and of course I had my picture taken here.

This fairytale village is a 7 hour drive from Calais, after your trip on the Euro train, unless you are travelling in Chitty! The magical flying car would get you here in less time but remember to sing!

So I’m going end this post with a quote from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one I certainly always follow!

Never say ‘No‘ to adventure, Always say ‘yes’ or you will leave a very dull life!

Love Prince Benji xxx

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