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Zermatt The village that touches the sky.....

A true adventure pup like me is always ready from the moment I wake, this day of adventures was especially exciting, todays adventure started from our hotel in Montreux where I started the car journey to Zermatt, sat on my humans lap there was so much to see on this journey with views of the Alps everywhere! The journey was 1 hour and 40 minutes.

As the car seems to be climbing very high and we seem to be getting closer to the sky, not sure where the humans are heading but there certainly is a lot of excitement from them!

We arrive at Tasch where we park our car in a big car park, from here we are Immediately in The Matterhorn terminal which is very busy with humans dressed in outfits I haven’t seen before! Carrying weird objects! Not sure I can play with them, and there’s mention of skiing! What does that even mean?

We purchase some tickets and head onto a train!

Tickets for this train costs humans 16CHF I’m free to travel!

This journey starts travelling even closer to the sky, I sit on Humans lap, looking at all the pretty views, and we stop and step into the prettiest village, there are no cars allowed here, though there was some horses and a cart, and also little carts everywhere so be careful as they drive quickly,

This pretty Swiss village that touches the sky is full of plenty to do, for us pups plenty of walking, exploring, hiking, humans tend to visit to ski, and explore the beautiful shops, there is plenty of restaurants all serving the best fondue if you are a cheese lover like me it has to be a must! The building here are very pretty and the timber buildings date back to the 16th century and of course I’m more excited about rolling in the snow but I’ll be happy that my humans are happy visiting this pretty village they certainly were smiling a lot! Is that because of the true beauty of Zermatt or being with me you decide!

As I’m rolling in the snow the humans are getting pretty excited about the famous Matterhorn mountain, the most famous mountain in Switzerland, one of the highest summits in Europe 14,692ft.

I visited Zermatt in March and with all the snow I definitely need my warm coat from Ginger Ted UK,

I am sure that the Matterhorn is a mountain you have seen on the Swiss chocolate Toblerone! And when you visit make sure you take this shot too.

whilst in this pretty village with so much to see make sure you stop to watch the skiers,

I loved my day in Zermatt, and I’m welcomed everywhere, shops, trains, restaurants, and with so much to see I definitely suggest a break on your adventure to take in the iconic views, humans enjoyed coffee whilst I took the time to have a nap, yes sometimes I nap on my adventures!

After a full day of exploring, I would definitely recommend if your looking for fun, pretty, and a roll in the snow, and to see a constant smile on your humans face a visit to Zermatt is a must, very dog friendly, and welcoming.

If your heading from the Euro shuttle in Calais your looking at a 8 hour 51 minute, drive but this place is great for a Holiday.

This village in the sky exceeded expectations, and is a must for any visit to Switzerland,

Travelling here left my humans speechless, the true beauty of the world!

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller 💗

hope you’ve enjoyed my adventures where to next?


Love Benji xxx

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