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Passport Ready!

If you are planning to head to travel with the Eurotunnel or even a ferry with your humans this post is definitely a must read of the tips you need to do to travel to explore, and head for your next adventure! As if you don’t follow guidance you can risk heading into quarantine which we certainly don’t want an overnight stay there, in a strange place, without our humans.

First stop is booking in with your local vets, I agree us pups hate vet visits but think of the adventure ahead, so to apply for your passport you must be microchipped and all your vaccinations up to date including a rabies injection, the Vet will complete all the checks and make sure you are fit for travel, once all vaccinations are complete your completed passport will be ready, how exciting! You need to allow about three weeks to a month for the checks and injections as you can’t travel without your passport. Approx cost if you need to be microchipped, rabies injection, and passport can be between £90-£120, your vets can advise.

Second Stop Travel Ready! booking with Eurotunnel when your humans book they need to select that you are travelling with a dog the usual cost is £19, once booked your ready to travel, don’t forget your passport or your vaccination record, also make sure the humans don’t forget your toys! And a comfy bed in the car for travel!

Third Stop arriving at Eurotunnel terminal UK, make sure you head to the terminal in enough time for toilet breaks, there is a large dog area for us pups so of course you need time to have a few sniffs! This is on your left hand side opposite where the main terminal is!

Leaving the UK there isn’t any check in for us pups but humans have a hanger to display in the window with a little paw print on!

Once check in for the car and humans has happened! Top top try not to bark as you pull up to the little windows, for human passport checks, I always do well they must know I’m the most important traveller!

As you are queuing to board the train my advice is get plenty of air in the car, at this point I usually stick my head out the window! Well I must see where I’m heading!

Plus very important us pups get plenty of air! Before boarding the shuttle,

All Aboard! As the car boards the shuttle my biggest tip is don’t worry about any of the noise the first time I ever boarded I was a little nervous of the loud noises! But once human kissed and cuddled me I was fine! I don’t get nervous since the first travel and that only lasted a few minutes!

When travelling on the shuttle ensure all windows are open, it gets very warm my humans usually at this stage give me water and I’ve even enjoyed my lunch whilst travelling, I usually get lots of love and kisses any excuse for extra attention Right?! The journey is very short, and before you know it you’ll be saying Bonjour!

Huge Tip here make sure your humans drive on the right side of the road! And you are ready for your adventures, you will probably be organised at this point where you are heading! My humans are a little crazy and they usually haven’t decided at this point, where we are heading not even an hotel booked and they just decide which direction to turn! Remember we are allowed everywhere here as well as service stations! So get enjoying your holiday adventures!

Fourth Stop-you have to plan before you head home! So In amongst the adventures you must visit a vet, to have your tapeworm administered! This is mandatory and must be completed 24-120 hours before you travel home this is very important and your humans failing to do this will result in you being refused travel!! Do not ignore this advice, very easy to locate local English speaking vets ask your hotel for advice, I’ve visited a vet in France in Colmar, and Montreux, both helpful vets!

Don’t forget to take your passport most important bit really! So during these visits your humans will be asked a few questions,example when you intend to travel home,where have you travelled on your journey nothing to tasking! As they are in holiday mode remember too! It’s us pups that have to be scanned! And checked over! Can you believe a vet visit on holiday! But it is for a good reason!

You’ll then have to take a tapeworm tablet but be watched by the vet to 100% make sure you take it of course I spat it out a few times on my first trip! But without taking this the vet won’t sign your passport and you can’t return with your humans so try to behave though I did enjoy cocking my leg up in the vets and embarrassing my human that’ll teach her for bringing me to the vets on a holiday!

After all the checks, and tapeworm tablet completed the vet will sign your passport the cost of this visit in GBP is between £20-£30 depending on vets! Any advice on these vets visits I’ll be happy to advise if you wish

After a vet visit on holiday make sure you get extra treats then enjoy the rest of your adventures!

Fifth Stop Calais, you must head to pet reception first this is towards the right with clear signage you must check in first or you won’t be able to board the shuttle to return home,

You need to go into the reception with your passport to make sure your Passport can be verified!

Your humans need to scan you here, and then the lovely staff of Eurotunnel will verify if you can travel, this area you’ll see lots of other animals and some animals are going into quarantine this is why you must make sure your humans follow my advice!

After all checks are completed your humans will be given

some completed paperwork ready for you to return home

Before heading to board the shuttle there is a great outdoor play area more time to sniff!

So before you head onto the shuttle remember all the tips I told you when you was leaving the UK, and if you want more tips or advice then head to the Eurotunnel web page they have a section just for travelling with pets!

please note travelling with pets will change when Brexit comes into play! I will update when I travel then,

Now what are you waiting for be passport ready there is so much to explore once you board the shuttle the question is which road do you take with so much adventures to explore!

Have a pawsome time!

Love Benji x x

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