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Gruyeres cheese lovers heaven.......

This adventure takes me to the word I have been waiting to hear my whole life! Cheese heaven!

We take a short drive from Montreux a 30 minute drive looking at beautiful Alp views. Then we reach our destination.

This medieval town called Gruyeres is one of the prettiest villages in Switzerland, the village is in the Canton of Fribourg, your cars need to be parked at the bottom of the village and then you need to head up the hill to this beautiful village, or if you are like me so excited for cheese, then you’ll ran up the hill!

Gruyeres is the town where Gruyeres cheese is produced, and also famous for cheese fondue but this medieval village is located on a hilltop with surrounding views of the Swiss Alps, as we head up the hill of the cobbled streets surrounded by traditional buildings, and cute shops selling items I’m not interested in but the humans certainly were!

You would think that a village known for cheese would be enough to visit, but no there is also a castle, a chance to be king of the castle for me, but on this occasion the inside area of this picturesque castle is off limits to us pups maybe it’s because they know we are the real kings of this village! And we would take over and eat all the cheese!

Even though I wasn’t allowed in this castle it is still impressive to visit the outside areas, the views are amazing and listening to the sounds of the bells was very nice! Though I must remind you all I’ve been exploring this village for over an hour but still no cheese!

It really is very beautiful in this area, and is also part of the Grand tour of Switzerland, the number one road trip of Alps where you can drive, and explore many locations and have photos to showcase your trip currently I haven’t done this but I did have my photo at a few of these photo stops! As you can see from this photo I wasn’t very happy with having my photo here.

I travelled to beautiful Gruyere in March it was busy on this day but during the summer months this tourist attraction would be very busy, there is many restaurants all serving famous cheese dishes and delicious coffee as you always need a break to take in this beautiful village!

After much exploring the humans FINALLY order some cheese! But not cheese as I know it something called fondue! Melted cheese served with bread and funny folks I’m not sure if this is what the humans promised me, everyone who visits must try this famous dish, sat outside in March looking at an amazing view with the warm spring sun what else do you need? Well me of course! To help you enjoy your visit I wasn’t fussed on this fondue and I was still looking for cubes of cheese I’m used to eating!

If you think this is it for your cheese delight it isn’t at the bottom of the village you can visit and see where the Gruyere cheese is produced this tour looks very interesting with a tour where you can see demonstrations , a restaurant and even a quirky shop selling yes you’ve guessed it more cheese!

Beautiful Gruyere is definitely worth a visit and needs to be added to your list of places to visit, just a 7 hour and 27 mintue drive from Calais!

There is many places close to Gruyere to explore so watch out more posts to follow but for now I am signing off from this cheese heaven...

Love Benji xxx

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