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Grindelwald Postcard Perfect....

This adventure takes me to explore Grindelwald and surrounding areas. I got to stay in Lucerne in a beautiful dog friendly hotel Seehotel Hermitage overlooking Lake Lucerne with the most amazing view (well the humans thought so) this trip was intended to stay for over a week but COVID-19 was changing the world and the humans decided it would be best to travel back to the UK before we got lockdown in Switzerland (not that you could complain about being locked down in this true beauty) but we have my cat brother at home and the business to think of so we have one day to explore! So ready steady go........

Just over an hours drive to Grindelwald but the adventure is stopping and getting to see the beautiful photo hotspots along the way and I get to sniff and wee everywhere! First picture perfect is the village of Lungern this natural paradise with a lake the colour of turquoise which honestly doesn’t look real, a real beauty for my first photo, a place you have to visit to establish the beauty.

Next stop Meiringen the birthplace of the meringue and Sherlock Holmes plunged to his death here, I got to have a walk here, and more photo opportunities but no meringues do I even like meringues?

We then head to Grindelwald the beauty of driving holidays is I get to see so many different places, and the adventure of the drive is breathtaking and exciting so many pretty places to see I never use this time to nap I certainly don’t want to miss anything.

Grindelwald the gateway to the Jungrau Region and home for ski-ing in the winter and hiking in the summer, this village is under the infamous North Face of Eiger, fantastic mountain views from every angle and I’m already little but here everything seemed so big!!

As we was only here a few hours we chose a walk and lunch with so many places serving traditional Swiss food and hot chocolate to warm the humans up, in the winter.

There is really so much to do here, but I’ve been promised that the humans will bring me back here to visit the very top of Europe Jungfrau!

Next stop then LauterBrannen! Even the drive here is another breathtaking adventure doing what us pups love best as the humans drive my head is out the window! This village is set in a valley of rocky cliffs and the roaring stubberbach falls and in the crevices of the mountains there is Trummelbach falls wow I seem even smaller now!

LauterBrannen is home to 72 waterfalls, this Beautiful landscape with so much to explore and see, but I managed to find a stick to humans frustration as she was trying to take photos, but Swiss sticks taste better! As you know we had to be careful with time running out, but if we managed to see all these beautiful places in a few hours just think what you and your humans could do in a few days the perfect place for hiking and exploring true beauty at its best dog friendly Switzerland, always welcoming us pups.

Grindelwald is a 9 hour drive from Calais and make sure your humans have a Vignette to drive on the motorways or they will get a fine (if they get a fine less money for toys for us pups) so best they get one you can purchase online or at The Swiss borders,

Remember Adventure is always worthwhile especially in Switzerland

Until my next adventure

Love Benji xxx

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