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Belgium.....naturally I come for the Waffles

This adventure takes me back to Belgium but this time to explore some places I haven’t explored before, we are having a little short break and ideal as Belgium is a very short drive from Calais and so much to explore with cities, full of history, beaches, and do I need to mention the food?!

We are staying in one of my humans favourite places Brugge, and from here we will explore each day, this little break takes me back to Hotel De Orangerie, Dog friendly in every single part of this hotel, and they even leave me a little note and treats how lucky am I?

In case you haven’t read my Love Brugge blog from before I’ll just give you a quick recap Brugge is for lovebirds with its beautiful squares surrounded by gingerbread houses, cobbled allyes running alongside beautiful canals, I love exploring here with so many corners to lift my leg, the best food to enjoy and I get so much attention from all the lovely visitors from around the world who speak to me in so many different languages, one of my favourite things is to sit in the grand square watching everyone and this beautiful place though usually now the humans are drinking beer! Are they fit to look after me after Beligum beer?!

We travelled this time in the middle of summer, which was in a middle of a rare heat wave nearly 40 degrees heat, not what we expected but my amazing humans carried me lots, cooled me with water and kept me in the shade.

First New exploring is Antwerp just over an hour drive from Brugge, Belgium’s second city and as the biggest port, an intriguing medieval place with a pretty impressive cathedral, and there’s talk of diamonds as Antwerp is the capital of diamonds, sometimes quoted “diamonds are a girls best friend” not in my house I’m humans “best friend”

We spent a lovely few hours visiting the tourist hotspots, keeping cool as it was very hot always make sure your humans keep you cool, no sightseeing is worth us pups getting heat stroke.

A great place to visit, plenty of history to explore on this trip we was content with people watching and eating you’ve guessed it waffles!!!

In between visiting new places we also continue to enjoy Brugge my morning walks by the lake of love or on the lovers bridge, some of the hotspots for your tourist photos, enjoying lunch by the lake of love in the shade under a tree, what more could I want fresh chicken and all this love. Next stop is Ypres the Flemish name Leper associated with some of the most bitter battles of the First World War, we are heading to the memorial at Menin Gate.

We spent a few hours here exploring, there is plenty of war museums, memorials, military cemeteries, battlefields to respectfully visit.

After the morning here temperatures were hitting very high so to cool off my humans drove to Ostend where there was sea!

Known for its long beach and promenade though we drove here just to cool off, that is true love. There is an area on the beach for us pups so we still get to enjoy the beach.

With the smell and adventure of the sea air, and the heat getting hotter, my humans decide the next exploring is De Haan just a short 30 minute drive from Brugge, this seaside promenade is ideal for a long walk with the smell of the sea and beach, the best fun, so many new smells, to explore and also getting to explore where Albert Einstein lived for a few months.

So much exploring and even though De Haan is dog friendly when we visited there was a small section of the beach I was allowed,

I also got to see some really cool chicken statues.

During our visit to De Haan I watched my first sunset with my humans,

So as my trip nearly comes to an end remember short visits still need a visit to the vets, please check out my passport ready blog for all the tips for your humans making sure you are passport ready!

I know a vet visit for us pups is the worse and especially on holidays but you have to follow travel rules.

If your humans want to try travelling to Europe with you Belgium is a great first trip as only a short drive of 1 hour and 25 minutes from Calais. Also bonus for your humans there is beer, fries and waffles remember tell them calories don’t count in Belgium.

So with not a Brussel sprout in site though I do enjoy sprouts! my adventures for this trip come to an end, where to next? Remember “Belgium is always a good idea”

Love Benji xxx

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