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Geneva the city of peace........

This adventure takes me to Geneva in Switzerland, I woke up in Montreux and I am told that we are are all taking a train ride today how exciting! the train station is situated on Avenue Des Alpes very easy to find, and the staff at the train station was very helpful helping with tickets, I get to travel for free, and return train tickets start from 35 euros the journey is approx 1 hour 20 minutes but what a journey this is the train journey that takes you along the lake with breathtaking views of the Alps and vineyards!

Of course I had the window seat, and the whole journey I was excited to look out and ride the train and how amazing all dog friendly.

As if the Swiss train journey wasn’t enough, I get to explore this amazing busy city, the gateway of the Alps with views of Mont Blanc, and also home to the most amazing Swiss chocolate makers, more things I can’t enjoy, and famous for Watch Makers, more things I’m not interested in, when will we visit places that are famous for dog toys? Though as a pup I do get excited to see my humans happy and they do seem a little excited to explore.

So my first stop is of course the famous, Jet d’eau the water foundation that is a huge symbol of Geneva, a jet of water shooting in the air nearly touching the clouds but I’m not allowed to play with it, but if you insist I’ll pose for photos here! Did you know this is the world’s tallest foundation?

After posing for photos I then headed with my humans for lunch, everywhere I visit in Switzerland I am allowed to relax and join them as everywhere is dog friendly, I usually take these opportunities to have a nap, being an adventure pup and exploring Europe is tiring so make sure you rest when you can.

After lunch we explore the old town, which a cobblestone streets and home to the amazing Saint Peter’s Cathedral whilst exploring here it is like you are discovering secrets for yourself, so much to explore for a little pup and even the home to the oldest house in the city alongside some antique shops located through out this town, my humans didn’t get to explore much as I was excited pulling them around!

Geneva is also famous for shopping but not just any day shopping but shopping where you must make sure you bank balance is very high, with the best designer shops, and jewellery shops, watch shops, everyone’s dream but don’t worry if your bank balance won’t stretch just window shop or like me pose for pictures outside shops of Pup friends that the shops were named after... Tiffany, Coco, Fendi, how else would designer shops have come up with their names?

So when you explore Rue de Rive remember you heard it first here...

There is so much to explore here, and so many beautiful parks I can ran, but the parks here are amazing I explored the square des alps which is so relaxing and breathtaking I decided to have a nap!

This city is busy, but in a bustling exciting way, ideal place to visit with your family your loved ones if you want to treat them in the designer shops, but also a very dog friendly place throughout our time in Switzerland there is many locations that my humans find signs with free bags for when I need to use the toilet, how considerate thinking of us pups!

Beautiful Geneva sparkles as one of Europe’s beautifulest cities and also home to the Red Cross museum, so much history to explore.

Geneva is 7 hours from Calais and I would recommend this beautiful city, that is the city of wealth....

until my next adventure I’m off to check my pup bank balance make sure the humans didn’t spend all my toy money on watches!

Love Benji xxxx

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