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The Magic of Christmas....

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

We will start this blog with the simple sentence everyone should say every Christmas “I Believe” with the plans of Christmas in everyone’s household I just want you all to know you don’t need to be left at home when it comes to those Christmas Adventures, and make sure your humans read this so they know. Who doesn’t love the excitement of Christmas seasonal fun, with me included in every adventure. My humans decide we are going explore London! So much to see and explore from some of the best shops and of course the famous Winter Wonderland Hyde Park how exciting is this adventure going be? We decide on this trip to stay at the dog friendly hotel Five star The Athenaeum, I will be sleeping at this hotel for the next two nights, right opposite Green Park an ideal location when you want to mark your scent in the big city! though even through this hotel is dog friendly we would not recommend staying, as when we went to return recently they have added a new policy where your humans have to agree to a £1000 deposit in case of us pups causing damage, I’ll have you know I am highly trained and have stayed in some of the best hotels, my human would not let me behave in a manner of damaging any property, or lifting my leg where I shouldn’t be, so as we recommend dog friendly places we thought only right to inform you of this scandalous deposit.

Hyde Park is free entry, and at certain times can have very large queues for entry we visited on a Thursday night and luckily didn’t have to queue very long and honestly I’m a little too excited to wait! Any new exploring I just can’t stay calm! my humans often describe me like a pup version of the Elf character from the film high on life and any occasion is omg so exciting! Where to start with this adventure of Winter Wonderland? it lives above any possible dream and certainly doesn’t fail in any element.

There is so many lights to be seen the real magic of Christmas I’m honestly just interested when I can eat some of the delicious smelling sausages but humans being humans just want to look at every element, just hurry up and buy me a sausage! But no first some warm cherry beer! For them not me! Should humans be drinking whilst caring for me? how dare they!

This magical kingdom as every element from a whole Bavarian village, to ice elements, to Christmas markets, to Santaland OMG Santa I know him.....

There is honestly so much excitement and I don’t want to give to much away, as this is magic you need to see, and don’t forget to go with an empty belly as the food is so good, I got to eat sausages, and shared humans donuts, yummy so good! My biggest advice is do not let your humans shame you into having a picture in one of the wood photo points, us pups have street credit to consider!

After your adventures in Hyde Park, (make sure your humans buy you something plenty of Dog gifts on the stalls)

Where to next? London with every turn as the most magical lights and Christmas display windows obviously I am still more interested of the smells and when is it playtime but as always I’m happy when my humans are! We head to Covent Garden to see their displays and they do not disappoint, there is so many dog friendly places to visit, so if you haven’t eaten enough yet head into one of the lovely restaurants.

Covent Garden is full of so many street entertainers though I am sure everyone would be happy just seeing me.

Christmas trips are even more exciting then other adventures even more smells of food, chestnuts roasting, everyone is happy the window displays glisten more and my advice is you have to check out the Fortum & Mason displays, every corner of London is magical, but always remember you only need to look into your imagination for your own Christmas fun and adventure! Until my next adventure I’m just going be looking in the skies for Santa... always believe... in the true magic of Christmas.

Christmas kisses and Big love make sure your always on the nice list,

Love Benji xxxx

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