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Scream if you want to go faster.......

Making memories is what all my adventures are about, and if you have never experienced a steam fair it as to be on your next adventure list! Not any steam fair but the best one ever Carters Steam Fair.

Every year Carters Steam fair travels to different locations, for people to visit and have all the fun at the fair, including us pups as the steam fair is dog friendly and very welcoming to us Pups.

In my little Adventurous life I have already visited over four times, and on each visit I have enjoyed many different experiences! I have visited the steam fair in Maidenhead the other times have been in the beautiful city of Bath in Victoria Park. This unique attraction is a steam travelling fair, with the most prettiest vintage equipment, including the most beautiful showman living wagons and vehicles.

When my humans turn the car and head to park for us to walk to the fair I am crazily excited, ready to explore. Where do I start what is my favourite bit? the smells are amazing, coal, steam engines, donuts and even burgers! Omg what more do you want? There’s even ice cream, where to start?

The fair is free to attend, and then if your humans want to go on the rides there’s ticket booths. The rides are very unique with the most amazing ever rides with everything from steam yachts, dodgems, steam gallopers, swings, train rides, there is rides for little humans and big humans, just be careful my human said some of these rides are more daring then the rides in the 20th century! These rides definitely need you to hold on! As they go very fast!

Have you noticed yet from my pictures the amazing art work on the rides painted by the very talented Joby Carter, and his team once Joby shook my paw well wouldn’t he I’m a famous pup.

But look in the details of this amazing art work when I’m at the fair the one rule is I’m not allowed to lift my leg on any of the rides or the living wagons or the showtracs as apparently it’s too pretty, and all history in these amazing restored steam rides, my scent is not allowed anywhere near these.

Being at the fair is like Magic the music is playing the fair is busy, and the humans all look so happy like us pups, when we see a tennis ball or a new toy they look so happy if they had tails they would be wagging! And making them this happy is this amazing iconic steam fair. When you visit in between the donut eating (which are good) and the ice cream just sit and chill and listen to the sounds, and the best sound of all the laughter of humans. We usually sit on the grass eating ice cream and watching the fair best time ever.

As well as the amazing fun rides there’s is also games and sidestalls, there’s a game of ’hook a duck’ and coconut shy where lady humans get to stand at the half way mark, more chance to win you a toy if your lucky yes they’ll pretend it’s for them but we’ll steal it just remember those puppy eyes to get your own way! Don’t forget to go and explore the showman vehicles in detail they are really impressive.

The Carters family are the most ever amazing talented family to restore and create this steam fair that so many people are creating memories every visit. I’m always made to feel welcome With lots of belly rubs along the way.

Until next year it’s been a blast.

If you are looking for pure fun where your imagination becomes reality to create a memory in your heart forever and donuts in your belly then visit The magic that is Carters Steam Fair.

Love Benji


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