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Montreux Panoramic heaven........

This adventure takes me to the wonderful traditional resort Switzerland town on lake Geneva this little place of heaven is nestled between steep hills and lakeside, and I am just so excited to explore we are going be staying here for the next 10 nights and exploring nearby areas, as well.

I check into The amazing dog friendly hotel Royal Plaza Montruex & Spa, this hotel is nestled directly on the shore of lake Geneva, perfect for us pups when we want our morning walks! I’m made to feel like the prince I am when I check into this hotel, and given some treats and bowls in my room, this hotel is dog friendly everywhere even in the restaurant areas, and as the best views ever!

With a view this good in my hotel did I need to venture far? Is this the real life or is this just fantasy.... if you didn’t know Montreux is home to the legend Freddie Mercury statue and also the home to Queen’s recording studio.

The walk to visit this amazing statue of Freddie is along the most prettiest flower beds looking out at the most amazing lake views, as you know I’m happy when my humans are happy and they were very happy here, with this pure prettiest walk, I just wanted to lift my leg at every opportunity!

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

After a few iconic poses with my humans at Freddie’s statue we head to the Queen’s recording studio, which is in the Casio Barrière de Montreux, don’t follow signs like we did as we kept walking around! But this studio is upstairs in the Casio which is completely dog friendly! Europe is the best! If you are a Queen fan you will know that seven albums were recorded here between 1979-1997 including the final album Made in Heaven.

This experience is completely free and includes photos and memborabilia from the bands Personal collection.

I was very tired at this point and even napped when the humans watched some videos about Queen, I slept on the flight cases!

As a little pup in Casio I wasn’t allowed to gamble but all interesting to see.

A lot of my adventures in Montreux consisting of sitting by this breathtaking lake, and view of the Alps, we spent a lot of time just not believing that a place could be this breathtaking, watching the amazing sunsets and knowing this breathtaking heaven existed!

Being the prince I am, always looking out for a castle and I wasn’t disappointed with Chillon Castle, in the canton of Vaud though this castle wasn’t dog friendly! But still pawfect for a photo shoot! And wearing my Electric pup harness electric Ted I know I’m handsome!

This postcard landscape after spending time here its very easy to see why so many artists and travellers chose to spend time here, Charlie Chaplin spent the last 25 years of his life here, in the hills of Vevey.

My visit was in March and the spring sunshine was very welcoming and warm my explanation of this paradise will never ever do this heavenly place any justice, this place is relaxing, welcoming, and there is no way you can not smile not that I have a problem smiling, also home to the annual jazz festival!

This place is doggy paradise, I was allowed in all the restaurants, shops, and would recommend a visit here for the best dog friendly holiday!

With the lake water crystal clear I daily enjoyed a drink when we was relaxing by the water!

Montreux if driving straight from Calais is a 7 hour drive and totally worth the drive!

“Am I dreaming, am I dreaming...

So quiet and peaceful, tranquil and blissful, there’s a kind of magic in the air, what a truly magnificent view, a breathtaking scene, with the dreams of the world in the plan of your hand”

Some of the words from Queen’s song a winter tale and after visiting this paradise you can understand why these lyrics were written.

So always remember it’s a kind of magic

Until next time.....

Love Benji xxxxx

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