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Love Brugge

After having my passport checked and travelling through the Eurotunnel, a very short journey and we arrive in streets where they are full of cobbles, the humans are getting very excited and talking of beer, chocolate and fries I’m not sure what order they are going enjoy these items in but do I care I need to sniff out the best places to see!

We check into our hotel my first EVER hotel visit Hotel De Orangerie, looking out on the beautiful canal, and how excited was I to be allowed to explore the hotel and the most amazing comfortable bed! And being told we would be staying here in Brugge for two nights! The hotel was very dog friendly and welcoming to me the only restriction was the breakfast room I wasn’t allowed but even better they set up a separate table for us by a big fireplace so we had our private room for breakfast! VIP treatment! For breakfast!

So where do I start everywhere is dog friendly, plenty of places to sniff out, plenty of kisses, attention and locals talking to me in Flemish! So much attention I could get used to this Europe travelling!

So the big exciting things to do for travelling to Brugge! The pros of visiting this amazingly pretty romantic medieval place (it must be romantic the humans held hands a lot and kissed)

Flemish stew! Of course I had a taste! And definitely a must!

Chocolate chocolate everywhere us pups are not allowed any but still the chocolate shops are amazing well so the humans gushed quite a lot! We visited just before Easter so the window displays are amazing! to humans these window display are like we feel when we see a tennis ball!

Belgium beer so many beers to try and bonus us pups get to go indoors with our humans and cuddle in front of the beautiful fires while they enjoy them! An opportunity for a snooze for us pups!

Then the exploring where do I start Brugge is a must on your dog friendly adventure, the cobbled streets and medieval buildings with canals around every corner, the market square is the place to be to sit, in this area there was horses and carts (lucky I like horses) if you wanted a tour of Brugge, hop onto the cart I could even go!

The famous Belfry which chimes the most amazing sounds that got my head tilting! Then after a little bit of sniffing I would suggest walking along the cobbled streets and walk to the lake of love! You can then watch the swans I found this fun! Don’t forget to head to the Minnewater bridge to ensure you’ll be forever in love! Which I am already in love with Brugge!

Finish your walk with heading to the market square for the most delicious fries served from the green huts and of course I tried some!

Brugge is the ideal place to visit for first time travellers with their first passport only a short drive from Calais 1 hour and 25 minutes! Plenty of space for us pups to explore and many hotels dog friendly all the restaurants are dog friendly so we can be involved from the start!

Only con for me was I wanted to stay longer! I was having so much fun but until we meet again beautiful Brugge Woof!

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