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When your a true adventurer you need to be ready even for last minute travel adventures. On a Friday in June after entering a competition with Fortnum & Mason my humans received an email to say my picture was in the window of this famous store, where worldwide people visit to see the window displays!

So of course London was calling! Any travel is exciting, as we head to London we make a stop in the service station they aren’t dog friendly like travelling across the English chanel,but still plenty of space for us pups to have a toilet break with some hosting dog walking areas.

My humans haven’t booked an hotel yet, and as we head with planes above us every few minutes on the m25, my human goes on and looks for a hotel, always make sure they select the dog friendly filter, we decide on the very famous 5 star luxury of The Langham, as I’m now a famous pup and we are celebrating my appearance in Fortnum & Mason, some hotels charge additionally for us pups so make sure your humans check as you don’t want any surprise costs!

As we pull outside the Langham we are greeted with very smartly dressed men who fuss me and help with our bags, maybe I can get some of these for home! we check in and the spoiling is continued with much fuss for me, I could get used to this lifestyle, humans have to sign a form to declare I won’t bark through the night, apparently there’s other guests staying,(the cheek of them) and that I must behave in the room, so top tip make sure you are toilet trained we wouldn’t want our humans to be embarrassed.

I love the adventure of checking in and discovering where I’ll be sleeping, and everyone is so helpful, the only rule for me here is I’m not allowed In any restaurants but bonus we get to eat breakfast in the bedroom. After checking in we head out to Fortnum & Mason to check out my picture, in the window how exciting and here I am!

I attracted lots of attention with tourists even asking for my photo. I wasn’t allowed in the store so my human went in and got us some goodies and we went for a picnic in Green Park, one of the Royal Parks in London, the humans were happy relaxing and eating and I was happy playing!

After little play we walked to Buckingham Palace, a five minute walk, through Green Park and the home to The Queen, I’m sure if she‘s home she’ll be looking at me through the window! Did you know if the flags are raised she’s in residence?So much to see here and so many tourists all taking lots of photos so thought it was polite to join in.

After my visit to Buckingham palace we had a taxi back to our hotel, the famous black cabs of London an iconic way to travel through London and of course dog friendly.

I had the best sleep at The Langham it was a very quiet hotel, I took my own bed with me and dishes and snacks as there wasn’t any provided for us pups in the hotel, so another tip is always be prepared!

When we got up in the morning, I was able to go for a walk behind the hotel there is a small park area, more fuss from the wonderful doormen, and I even travelled in a lift. Then the best room service ever! Our breakfast arrived and it was delicious! It didn’t matter my humans missed out on dining in the restaurant as this breakfast was certainly the best!

As it was time to check out, I had more fuss, from everyone as we was leaving the staff at The Langham loved me, our car was brought outside ready for us to leave but not before some more photos!

So always remember ‘London is always a good idea’!

Much love from London Baby xx

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