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Colmar....France’s most charming town.....

Once upon a time in Colmar France Benji and his humans are ready to explore this fairytale town, where do we start will Benji find his princess in this delightful town? definitely a place to add to your bucket list and so the story begins through Benji’s eyes!

It is March and I’m told we are going be on the look out for the famous old town adorned with wood timber buildings that are painted in various colours which represent a mixture of french and German style and apparently a photographers dream to visit so with me in the shots I’ll definitely fit in here!

Colmar is also home to beautiful canals that makes this beautiful place known as ‘little Venice’ please don’t tell me it’s another excuse for the humans to get all sloppy again! Apparently the bridge is the perfect opportunity for a photo I wasn’t best impressed! Though as usual the humans were making sounds of delight!

Colmar is great If you enjoy walking to explore, which you all know I love to walk, and loads of places to get my sniffs in here! There is museums to visit if your humans are feeling cultural, there is definitely priceless cultural heritage to see with some epic medieval gothic buildings, more places for me to sniff and more photo opportunities!

Colmar also as a statue of Liberty, and I bet you thought this only existed in New York! The creator of the statue of Liberty was from yes you guessed it Colmar!

As a pup I didn‘t miss out on any of the places my humans visited I was allowed in restaurants, where of course my humans enjoyed delicious french delights! Also famous in this area is the Alsatian wine! I got to stay in a lovely dog friendly hotel opposite the train station, where the whole hotel was welcoming to me, even the delicious breakfast room where of course we had croissants! Yummy so much to eat, the shops are filled with gingerbread, gingerbread in all shapes and designs, these ginger bread shops look like the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel imagine if we could really eat the shops!

During my stay I got to ride a train and listen to more history of this town if I’m honest the humans were interested I was still on the look out for my princess!

Colmar as so much to offer with so many walks where I got to meet a lot of french dogs, not sure I’m into this french way of greeting yet, I think I’ll focus on the scenery!

But if you want to make sure you see everything you need to be a true tourist and follow the tourist trail, just follow these gold triangles to top Colmar sites.

When you are visiting don’t forget the indoor market full of delicious food, from large pretzels to the best fruit and vegetable displays, chocolate, fish a foodies paradise the famous Gordon Ramsay walked past us here but did it even happen if we didn’t get a shot? My humans thought it was polite to not disturb him! Really I’m sure Gordon would have loved a photo with me!

If you have a car available on your trip make sure you take a road trip the near by villages are pretty and you can drive a long the vineyards, we also stumbled across a chocolatier this was one occasion we seen a no dogs allowed sign but my human went on her own why wouldn’t she when chocolate is involved and so many displays and talent during my whole experience of Colmar as Easter was near, the shops and buildings were full of Easter displays.

More interesting facts about this beautiful town if there is hearts on a building the woman is either getting married or available what a great way to find your true love is my princess here?

Rainbow houses throughout Colmar there is plenty of colour and the houses are painted to demonstrate occupations so a blue house would be a fisherman, green for farmers, yellow for bakers I wander what colour my house would be?

Interested In visiting just a 6 hour drive from Calais... located in the Alsace region on the northeastern border near Germany and Switzerland,

I didn’t find my princess but my story ends with ‘and they all loved happily after ever’

Remember today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.. until next time

Love Benji xxxxxx

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