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Cochem.....where the castle is high up on a hill......

This adventure takes me to the beautiful historic town of Cochem in the Rhineland in Germany where the town lies along the river Mosel.

As always I am very excited to explore where do I start as this adventure promises, castles, vineyards, and much food to try! there is talk of cake!

Of course being the prince I am I attracted to the Castle which is dog friendly! Why wouldn’t they allow their prince to visit!

We walk towards the castle that even the walk is pretty impressive, The Reichsburg overlooks the beautiful village and we have a guided tour by a very great tour guide that obviously fussed me throughout!

After our visit to the castle we explore the marketplace, which is very pretty.

And everywhere is so welcoming for me to visit, from shops, restaurants and even the traditional most delicious ever cake shop! Called Cake Flair guess where my humans wanted to go every day! Making out we all needed a rest from the exploring no they wanted to stuff their faces with cake! But I suppose handmade traditional German Delights can’t be missed!

I visited Cochem in March and had to wear a jumper and a coat every day as the temperatures were very low!

Did you know that Cochem is home to a Bunker an underground vault and my human dad loving history of course we visited and yes I was allowed to visit too!

This guided tour took us to visit the bunker of Germany’s Bank where millions of German Mark were kept during the Cold War, 100 people could survive in this bunker for two weeks in the event of a nuclear war!

I was carried throughout the tour as I wasn’t too sure about this but human dad found it very interesting.

one of the coolest things about this bunker is you think you are driving into a normal street but in fact this hidden bunker once was home to 15 billion Deutschmarks! Imagine how many toys us pups could buy from that crazy amount!

You would think I had already done a lot of exploring but no next stop us Koblenz best known for the ‘German Corner’ a short drive from Cochem, our visit to Koblenz was the most coldest exploring ever with minus temperatures, even taking photos was too cold!

Koblenz is where the two mighty rivers the Rhine and the Mosel meet, and is the perfect base for exploring, the best place to sightsee is of course from high up so we took a cable car! To see the best panorama view in the cable car I was extremely high in the sky what an adventure pup I am, but would you expect anything less?

After all this exploring, we warmed up in the restaurant where of course I was allowed!

So where to next? Of course another castle, but this castle was a real fairytale castle, Eltz Castle the most gorgeous castle, Burg Eltz, tucked deep into the forest one Of Germany’s most magical castles, it is like the secret castle, as most castles they stand high up on hills for you to see but this castle is hidden we start exploring through the magical forest and the snowflakes appeared like a true fairytale, and when you capture the first glimpse a pure magical view, the humans just wanted to take lots of pictures I wanted to get closer to the castle to explore! So many places to sniff!

Usually there is shuttles from the car park to take you to the castle, however as we was out of season explorers these wasn’t operating, and the castle was closed, though I didn’t mind exploring this pure magic to myself!

Even the walks around the castle were very exciting, all very pretty.

The Facts this medieval castle is still owned by a branch of the same family (The Eltz family) that lived there 33 generations ago! And nestled about the Moselle river between Koblenz and Tier! Obviously on my visit I was Prince Benji!

After much exploring of this amazing part of Germany and too many cakes eaten to comment! It is time to say Auf Widersehen... my trip to this part of Germany was very cold but still enjoyable a 4 hour and 47 minute drive from Calais after a journey through the euro tunnel! How lucky are us pups being able to travel with our pet passports! So much to explore.

Germany is very dog friendly with the best welcome, however on this occasion even though our hotel was advertised as dog friendly it was the least welcome we received on all our Europe travels, we even had to sit in another area for breakfast! Don’t they know who I am?

So I will leave you with once a year travel somewhere you have never been.....

Until next time

Love Benji xxx.

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